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Shashi Tharoor

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A rollicking novel about the razzle-dazzle of the Hindi film industry, know as Bollywood. “Exuberant and clever . . . both affectionately and fiercely done.”–New York Times Books Review Notable book of the year This triumphant novel about the razzle-dazzle Hindi film industry confirms Shashi Tharoor’s reputation as one of India’s most important voices and a writer of world stature. His hero –or antihero– is Ashok Banjara, one of Bollywood’s mega-movie stars, a man of great ambition and dubious morals. With irrepressible charm and a genius for staure, Tharoor protrays the film world, with all its Hollywoodesque glitz and glamour, egos and double standards, as a metaphor for modern Indian society. On-screen fiction and offscreen reality intertwine seamlessly to weave a tapestry of power and privilege, seduction and betrayal, politics and intrigue, that is at once colorful, entertaining, and deadly serious. 


A great book with great content, and highly recommended. A hilarious book about Bollywood, the glitz and glamour of the Hindi film business. "Exuberant and clever. Both affectionately and fiercely done."Review of New York Times Books The year's best novel Shashi Tharoor's position as one of India's most significant voices and a writer of international prominence is further cemented by this victorious novel about the glitzy Hindi cinema industry. Ashok Banjara, one of Bollywood's mega-movie stars and a man of immense ambition and dubious morality, is his hero—or antihero. Tharoor presents the film industry, with all its Hollywood-esque glitz and glamour, egos, and double standards, as a metaphor for contemporary Indian society with unstoppable charm and a gift for satire.

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