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In Shodh unlike her other novels, Taslima Nasrin seeks to revolutionize the concept of love and marriage in the so-called elite yet tradition-bound societies. She effects this through a transformation of roles assigned to women - as lover, wife, mother and daughter-in-law. The story of Jhumur’s marriage to Haroon, therefore, goes beyond the study of a marriage or the fate of a person and raises issues such as: Is love possible without self-respect, What is the relationship among love, desire and marriage, In what way can the established familial relationships be redefined... In this novel, as much as in her other non-fictional works, Nasrin’s personal experience breathes life into the narrative. 


Such an exceptional book and explaining certain unique concepts in a great way. Taslima Nasrin aims to revolutionise the idea of love and marriage in the so-called elite yet tradition-bound communities in Shodh, in contrast to her earlier books. She accomplishes this by changing the roles that society has assigned to women, including those of lover, wife, mother, and daughter-in-law. As a result, the tale of Jhumur's union with Haroon goes beyond the analysis of a union or the fate of an individual and raises questions like: Is love possible without self-respect? What is the connection between love, desire, and marriage? How can the traditional familial relationships be redefined? Nasrin's own experience gives the narrative in this book, as well as her other non-fiction books, life.

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