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A savage indictment of religious extremism and man's inhumanity to man, Lajja was banned in Bangladesh but became a bestseller in the rest of the world. This brand-new translation marks the twentieth anniversary of this controversial novel. The Dattas Sudhamoy and Kironmoyee and their children, Suronjon and Maya have lived in Bangladesh all their lives. Despite being members of a small Hindu community that is terrorized at every opportunity by Muslim fundamentalists, they refuse to leave their country, unlike most of their friends and relatives. Sudhamoy believes with a naive mix of optimism and idealism that his motherland will not let him down. And then, on 6 December 1992, the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya is demolished by a mob of Hindu fundamentalists. The world condemns the incident, but its immediate fallout is felt most acutely in Bangladesh, where Muslim mobs begin to seek out and attack the Hindus. The nightmare inevitably arrives at the Dattas' doorstep and their world begins to fall apart. 


A very unique story. Lajja, a brutal condemnation of religious fundamentalism and man's inhumanity to man, was outlawed in Bangladesh but quickly became a worldwide blockbuster. The twentieth anniversary of this contentious book is commemorated by this fresh translation. The Dattas Sudhamoy and Kironmoyee, along with their kids Suronjon and Maya, have all spent their whole lives in Bangladesh. They are, unlike the majority of their friends and family, members of a small Hindu community that is terrorised at every chance by Muslim fundamentalists, yet they will not leave their homeland. Sudhamoy has a naive hope and idealism that he will not be let down by his motherland. This is all explained in this book.

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