Rise From Failure

1 May 2024

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Rise From Failure

How does it feel when you fail?
Do you feel like trying again?
Or does the journey seem over for you?
 When you stumble along the way
Do you feel like getting up again?
Or do you just sit there and cry?

A few drops falling, the clouds never cease
Each one adding, drenching the entire city
That’s when it’s called rain,
Start small, at least
Take a step at this very moment
You too can make an impact in the world, just believe.

Keep your hopes and dreams alive
The destination is yet to be reached
You must go to the destination alone,
As thirsty as you are for success
As hungry as you are to achieve your destination
Work as hard as to make yourself worthy.

Gandhi endured violence
Yet taught the world nonviolence,
 Sorrow and pain is not exclusive to you?
Open your eyes and behold the world
Thorns scattered all around
Yet you must tread upon them to achieve great success.

Why is your fate upset?
Every time you lose,
What’s lacking in you, what’s your fault?
Or is there a lack in your efforts?
Look within, know your strengths, Prove yourself
Make a new history of success.

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