The Silent Struggle

1 May 2024

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  The Silent Struggle

Taking vote of the poor
Themselves become kings,
 Pretending themselves as poor
But who cares of poor, Not me or not you.

Somehow desiring to live
We persist unwavering,
With a small hope
Enduring thousands of sorrows.

No means to fill the stomach
How to send kids to school,
Somehow bread is obtained
When everyone tries together.

Life, constrained by limited resources and means
We know the art of survival,
Yet, we strive to live
Fighting through hardships.

We also have a share in governance
Then why are we considered inferior?
Are all the comfort and happiness only their right?
Why do you look at us with scornful eyes?

We are all human beings
We too are among you, realize,
We have our needs and rights
Have we been cursed to die in ignorance?

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