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Nine - Book Three

Shobha Nihalani

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Completed on 3 August 2022
ISBN : 9780143418849

NONE CAN CHANGE THE PAST, BUT THE FUTURE IS ANYBODY’S GAME . . . 271 BC On the one side is the Mauryan Empire under Ashoka, growing from strength to strength. On the other end is the highly trained spy, Vassa, a Kalingan. Ashoka and his army are moving towards Kalinga and it is predicted that nothing can stop it from annihilating the Kalingans. THE BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL HAS JUST BEGUN! Vassa needs to move quickly if he wants to change the destiny of his people. His mission is to hit at the very source of this powerful kingdom – the virtually indestructible, NINE. Can he go beyond all that is mortal and achieve the impossible? Gripping and unrelenting, NINE; The Rise of the Kaligan will hold you spell bound. 


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