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Lessons in Chemistry

Bonnie Garmus

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ISBN : 9780857528131
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Chemist Elizabeth Zott is not your average woman. In fact, Elizabeth Zott would be the first to point out that there is no such thing as an average woman. But it’s the early 1960s and her all-male team at Hastings Research Institute takes a very unscientific view of equality. Except for one: Calvin Evans; the lonely, brilliant, Nobel–prize nominated grudge-holder who falls in love with—of all things—her mind. True chemistry results. But like science, life is unpredictable. Which is why a few years later Elizabeth Zott finds herself not only a single mother, but the reluctant star of America’s most beloved cooking show Supper at Six. Elizabeth’s unusual approach to cooking (“combine one tablespoon acetic acid with a pinch of sodium chloride”) proves revolutionary. But as her following grows, not everyone is happy. Because as it turns out, Elizabeth Zott isn’t just teaching women to cook. She’s daring them to change the status quo. Laugh-out-loud funny, shrewdly observant, and studded with a dazzling cast of supporting characters, Lessons in Chemistry is as original and vibrant as its protagonist.  


Amazing book by Elizabeth Zott, a chemist, who is not our typical woman. Elizabeth Zott would be the first to acknowledge the lack of a typical woman. Yet, her all-male Hastings Research Institute staff has a very unscientific perspective on equality because it is the early 1960s. But for Calvin Evans, the misanthropic, bright, and Nobel Prize nominee who falls in love with her mind of all things. Results of true chemistry. Yet life is unpredictable, just like science. The book is filled with amazing things and good lessons of life.

"Lessons in Chemistry" by Bonnie Garmus is a captivating and enjoyable novel that seamlessly blends romance, science, and personal growth. The well-drawn characters, engaging writing style, and thought-provoking themes make it a compelling read. Garmus's ability to intertwine the worlds of chemistry and human relationships creates a refreshing and unique narrative that will resonate with readers. "Lessons in Chemistry" is a heartfelt story of determination, self-discovery, and the transformative power of love that will leave a lasting impression.


Elizabeth Zott's remarkable book portrays her as an extraordinary chemist, challenging societal norms for women. While she acknowledges the absence of a "typical woman," her work at the all-male Hastings Research Institute in the early 1960s highlights the unscientific bias towards equality. In the midst of this, Calvin Evans, a misanthropic yet brilliant Nobel Prize nominee, finds himself captivated by her intellect, leading to a profound connection based on genuine chemistry. However, life, akin to science, proves unpredictable. The book brims with astonishing anecdotes and valuable life lessons.

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