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Konkani Folk Tales

Prof. Olivinho J F Gomes

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ISBN : 8123750838

At times wacky, at times full of whimse and at other times serious, this anthology of folk tales reflects the cultural ethos and underpinnings of a community that speaks the Konkani language. The social and religious customs, beliefs and superstitions, food habits and mode of dress of its people as well as their ever-green and fertile nature in all its exuberance are unwittingly depicted here. Also showcased is the complex tranquility and dormant cultural energy which hides in its variegated folds a veritable melting-pot of cultures. What binds these stories together is the underlining moralistic tone upholding human values, the intuitive appreciation of various social processes and the promise for graceful progress. Some of the tales may have parallels in other regional language speaking areas as well which enables one to easily relate to them. In short, this book is an interesting collection of tales for the general reader. Prof. Olivinho JF Gomes (b. 1943) is a well known poet, historian and a sociologist of repute. He was formerly with the Indian Administrative Services and also served as Professor of Konkani; Dean, Faculty of Languages and Literature; and the Vice-Chancellor of Goa University. 


Great book and a must read. This collection of folk tales, which is at times absurd, whimsical, and at other times serious, depicts the cultural ethos and foundations of a society that uses the Konkani language. Unintentionally, this portrayal captures the social and religious practises, superstitions and beliefs, eating and dressing habits, and ever-green and productive character of the people. The intricate calmness and dormant cultural energy that conceal a real melting pot of cultures in its diverse folds are also highlighted. The underlying moralistic undertone that upholds human values, the intuitive appreciation of various social processes, and the promise of graceful growth are what tie these stories together. There may be analogies between some of the stories and other regional language speaking locations.

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