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Dive In The World Of Fiction

Jaisal Badwani

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Completed on 3 November 2022
ISBN : 9789394582569
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This beautifully illustrated story book is packed with 10 stories on mystery, adventure, kindness, self-confidence and science. So let’s dive in the world of adventure to know: 1. What transpires to chocolate-loving Brent when her mother teaches him a lesson? 2. Where does "The Magic Staircase," an adventure ride, take Paul and Ginny? 3. What happens to Baby Dino Muppy who travelled through time in a time machine from the past? 4. Journey of a common boy named Jack to a cuber boy 5. Can Johnny be friends with a wild snake? 6. Where is Ben's missing cat? 7. How a mysterious device guides two brothers on a quest to gather gifts from nature for their mother? 8. What happens when a baby cow Bailey and a baby horse Bonzo run away from a farm? 9. What's inside the black hole? let's travel to the fourth dimension with Kim. 10. Who helped James in escaping from a wild buffalo in the jungle? 


It was such a delight to read this book. There are ten stories in this gorgeously designed picture book, covering topics like mystery, adventure, kindness, self-confidence, and science. Thus, exploring the realm of adventure to learn: What happens to Brent, who adores chocolate, when her mother teaches him a lesson? Where does Paul and Ginny's adventure ride, "The Magic Staircase," take them? What transpires to Baby Dino Muppy, who used a time machine to go through history? The transition of Jack, a common boy, into the life of a cub. Could Johnny get along with a venomous snake? What has become of Ben's lost cat? How two brothers are led by a mystery device to collect presents from nature for their mother? All of these were my favourite.

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