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“How to Get Rich by following simple 10 rules?” Yes, exactly you read it right. I am not gonna tell you Money Heist plans or logarithms of winning lottery luck games! I will tell you the simple and

Sally looked around anxiously. Elijah would show up, right? He's, afterall, the reason she could write this song at all. He has to be in the behind the scenes of the record room. This song is for y

Let us enjoy reading this story of Selfish Friendship. Once a cat was caught in a hunter's net. A mouse used to live in a nearby hole. The mouse seeing the cat in the net started playing around the c

Sally tore off the page, crumpled it off and threw it in the overflowing trash bin. Calm down, she tried to tell herself. Her hands were itching to play a chord so hard that the strings just break. I

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Read my silence...Read my silence     in silence hides                     my reverence...My hopes and aspirations   &nb

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I'm glancing at you in the extension of my palms, feeling you soft, like the whisper of an echo. Shyly kissing you, your hungry lips I counted at random how many times have I kissed you unti

TWENTY SEVEN Sonam Gautam was sitting by the window with her mother Kaushalya. She was enjoying the lavishing beauty of nature around. They were returning to Sonam's birth place, her childhood love..

TWENTY SIX The call came from an unknown number. Though it was dangerous, Sanjay attended to it as that much risk taking was unavoidable to survive in such business! Sanjay was happy.  It was a sup

TWENTY FIVE As soon as Sanjay and Imran were caught, Urmil and Navya had returned to Urmil's apartment from police custody. They were instructed not to leave the city. Navya hugged Urmil and thanked

TWENTY FOUR Urmil and Navya both were absconding… but they have found out much about their secret abode. Sanjay couldn’t even think that those idiots would take both the girls to the same place! Sanj

TWENTY THREE The chief of NCB and the police Superintendent were in the commissioner's chambers, engrossed in planning. "Even though Kanuba, the representative of the drug-smugglers was caught and

TWENTY TWO Urmil tried to get up as soon as she opened her eyes but failed. Her head was still heavy and had a tingling sensation. She couldn’t understand where she was or what had happened to her. 

TWENTY ONE Dharmesh Dhawan could not contact Salman on the phone. The senior officer must be busy. After the gym was closed, Salman looked at Urmil's flat. There was darkness, no light through the w

TWENTY A meeting started between Sanjay and Rampiyari in the basement of Nirmala Niketan. They were celebrating their success with a bottle of scotch whiskey.   Navya was informed that Rampiyari had

NINETEEN Manira came to Nirmala Niketan after Tutul. As they spent a few days together, they became close. They tried to leave the home together but had to return. The level of torture they had to f

EIGHTEEN Sanjay was roaming in his room like a ferocious caged tiger. Kanuba was caught… he was to be freed immediately… by hook or by crook. Urmil was followed too… now if the girl was caught… ever

SEVENTEEN Urmil wanted to wear a saree. She didn't have many, though she loved wearing them. There had never been an occasion to wear a saree at Tender Bud, in Himachal as people over there rarely w

SIXTEEN The outskirts of Nirmala Niketan had been flooded  due to incessant rains since morning. The sun was out of sight and the day had become dark. Hailstones along with cold wind were piercing th

FIFTEEN Asthaa was ringing the doorbell for quite a long time… there wasn't any response though.  Asthaa was anxious… what must have happened to the girl, was she alright? She started banging the d