CHAPTER 11: CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD We are the result of what we have thought. Buddha     Success and Failure are the direct consequence of your habitual way of thinking Yo

CHAPTER 10: COULD WE EVER LIVE IN A WORLD OF PEACE?   What you are, the world is. And without your transformation there can be no transformation of the world. L. Krishnamurti     A look at Current

CHAPTER 9: THE CRISIS, AN OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE The measure of intelligence is the ability to change when necessary.  Albert Einstein   The world reflects who we are   All surrounding Reality is a m

CHAPTER 8: THE NEW SPIRITUALITY   A human being is a part, limited in time and space, of the whole that we call 'Universe'. A human being experiences himself, his thoughts and his feelings as somethi

CHAPTER 7: ETERNAL AND NATURAL PEACE Unnatural collective anxiety distances us from positive values In everyday life, selfishness, a sense of superiority, hatred, and individualism completely destroy

CAPITOLO 6: LA GUERRA DELLO 0,0001 DEI PIU' RICCHI Wars exist because there are people ready to fight them Davide Appi   I change and so do you   The world is ruled by 0.0001% of the richest, but in

CHAPTER 5: THE INFORMATION WAR   What can we do in our own small way? Let's start by turning off the TV   We generally start with the idea that we have to do great things in order to change the world,

CHAPTER 4: COMPETITION VS. COOPERATION Social Darwinism   If we want to build a new world and avoid possible self-destruction, we must change our basic mentality. It is necessary to abandon the idea

CHAPTER 3: PEACE AND FEAR   In the Gospel we can read: «You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'. But I say to you, do not oppose the wicked.... You have heard t

CHAPTER 2: THE DAILY GOOD DEED The way of doing is being. LAO TZU   Action as a manifestation of our intention   What we do is important, but the intention behind our actions matters even more. Our wi

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION It is not a sign of mental health to be well adapted to a deeply sick society. Jiddu Krishnamurti   Most people believe that the mind is a mirror, which reflects the outside

INTRODUCTION     ‘A better planet is a dream that begins to come true when each of us decides to improve himself.’ MAHATMA GANDHI     Change starts from within   So many people talk about World Peace,

A BRIEF SUMMARY: THE GOSPEL OF PEACE, YOU WILL SAVE THE WORLD   This book constitutes the second part of the first volume: "The Gospel of Peace. You Will Save the World'. I will now summarise the co

INITIAL NOTE     Following some comments received on my first book 'The Gospel of Peace, You Will Save the World', I would like to make a brief initial note. To some, my language seemed at times too

Conclusion Every man is different. One man may pull up his stockings if you take long to respond to his texts while another man may lose interest in you for treating him this way. So, before implement

Introduction There’s an aspect of predictability about guys. Act like you give a dam to him, and you’re likely to get a reaction, but ignore his messages and watch how quickly you bring out his crazy

BOOK THREE   50 ways to make him fear losing you   Don’t respond to his messages instantly     Author Name: Celine Claire.     ©Celine Claire 2022

Examine the situation Establish when your man’s behavior started upsetting you. Consider how your actions may have influenced the atmosphere between you two by using the following analysis;   Does the

BOOK TWO: 50 ways to make him fear losing you   Limit your availability       Author Name: Celine Claire.       ©Celine Claire 2022.

Chapter Two. This chapter starts from tip twenty-one to tip fifty Tip number twenty-one. Make yourself his best friend. Besides accepting your man to have all his friends, make sure that you are his b

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