THIS BOOK DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE an account of facts and events but of personal experiences, experiences which millions of prisoners have suered time and again. It is the inside story of a concen‐ tr

Even though he only attended the first semester of Dewey's Psychological Ethics series (Philosophy 231), Ambedkar heard enough to see the con- tours of Dewey's later, and more naturalistic, psychology

the few Indians living in colonial India to seek an education in America, as opposed to solely a European education, and he was in all likelihood the first Dalit intellectual to receive advanced degre

By Sanjay Jha, Author In the age of digital technology, paperbacks may seem like an outdated relic of the past. After all, we can now access countless books on our smartphones, tablets, and e-rea

By Self-Composed Sanjay Jha, an English expert rare,Inspires his students to read and share,He teaches language with utmost care,And with his guidance, they all prepare.He nurtures their love for

By Sanjay Jha, Author In a small town in India,There's a man who's known to all,His name is Mr. Govind Jha,A doctor, standing tall.With his stethoscope around his neck,And a smile on his face,He

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By Self-Composed Sanjay Jha, the English expert,A master of words and language adept,His eloquence and wit are a sight to see,A true linguist, he is a prodigy.With his knowledge vast and wide,He

‘This will be the most unique tour since the Second World War. I’ve told the boys suck it up for fourteen days. It might feel like a prison, but after that you will be free birds. Those were pretty

I spent the night of 18 November 2020 at the Daydream Motel in Broken Hill. I’d driven there from Adelaide, after South Australia had ordered a lockdown at around 1 p.m. earlier that day. It meant tha

By Sanjay Jha, Author The field of medical science has undergone tremendous growth and development over the years, with new technologies, treatments, and research methods constantly being develop

(A tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh and his brave comrades Rajguru and Sukhdev)                                 -Rac

By Sanjay Jha, Author In many cultures, education is viewed as a top priority for students. However, some students prioritize their religious activities over their studies, which can affect their

By Sanjay Jha, Author Fasting is a religious practice that has been a part of human history for centuries. Many religions prescribe fasting as a way to purify the body and mind, and to connect wi

By Sanjay Jha, Author Navratri, the nine-day festival,Is a time of joy and devotion,When people across the land,Celebrate the power of the divine.The air is filled with music and dance,As people

By Sanjay Jha, Author Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, interact, and consume information. However, with its growing popul

Prerna rushed to the St George Ferry Terminal-her okra, curry leaves and mangoes nearly spilling out of her bags. With her free hand, she clutched her handbag-her only stylish accessory, a knock-off C

The sun lazily bounced off the tarmac as Prerna and her husband, Manish, sped past suburban Staten Island. American flags fluttered on the porches of Bay Terrace and boards in front yards proudly proc

The story of India and the US is one of a thousand heartbreaks and a hundred reunions. It is a story of inching closer, drifting apart, trying again, getting disappointed, developing new stakes in eac

It was the year 2000, and India and Pakistan were inching towards war. The Kashmir crisis had boiled over after a decade of border clashes, terrorist attacks and incidents at sea. Both countries had a