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50 Ways To Make Him Miss You (Book 5)

Celine Claire

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ISBN : 9788835440116

"This e-book explains how you can play hard to get Introduction Playing hard to get is one of the tactics you can use to make him miss you more. Playing hard to get is when you pretend that you aren’t interested in having a romantic or sexual relationship with your man to make him more attracted to you. This tactic works best at the start of a romantic relationship. How to Play hard to get When a man asks you out, give him an open-ended “NO.” This technique keeps him chasing that bit of hope you offer him. You may claim that you aren’t available even if you will be around for the whole weekend. You could tell your man “NO” but tell him about an interesting place you want to see. Or, you may choose not to commit to a date, while telling your suitor to wait and see."