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What Is Love...

Md Shoaib Khan

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What is love? Love is a beautiful feeling everyone has might you also have that feeling for someone that someone mimight be your friend your crush your family member or anyone you like but the main issue is that if you like someone for any reason that only means You Love Them. No, This Statement Is Completely Wrong If You Like Someone For Any Reason It Doesn't Mean That You’re In Love With That Person For Example, Alex And Henna Are Classmate Of College, And Alex Like Henna For Her Discipline, Her Intelligence, And Her Beauty But It Doesn’t Mean He Loves Henna Alex Is Just Like Her Intelligence, Beauty, and discipline As a Person As A Human Being But If Henna Likes Alex For the way he is and his discipline, his looks, his way of talking and most important henna has some beautiful feelings in her heart for alex if she have feelings for him then definitely she loves him, but in alex Case alex doesn't have any feelings like that Alex Alex Is don’t in love with henna but Heena is because she has feelings.  


"What Is Love..." by Md Shoaib Khan is a beautifully crafted collection of poetic verses that delves into the profound complexities of love. Through evocative language and heartfelt emotions, the author takes readers on an introspective journey to explore the different dimensions of love, its joys, sorrows, and the everlasting impact it leaves on the human heart. In this poetry anthology, Khan skillfully weaves together verses that resonate with the universal theme of love, making it relatable to readers from all walks of life. Each poem presents a unique perspective, capturing the essence of love's various forms - from the euphoria of new romance to the bittersweet pangs of heartbreak. One of the standout features of "What Is Love..." is the author's ability to paint vivid imagery through words. Khan's poetry is imbued with rich metaphors and imagery that effortlessly transport readers into the emotional landscapes he portrays. The raw and honest portrayal of love's complexities evokes a strong sense of empathy and connection. The poems not only celebrate the joys and passion of love but also touch upon its vulnerabilities and fragility. Khan's portrayal of the darker aspects of love, such as unrequited affection and the ache of separation, showcases the depth of his understanding of human emotions.