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Uncool: Fights, Camera, Action

Jane De Suza

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Completed on 5 January 2023
ISBN : 9789352777471
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So, I'm DD and I'm going to be rich and famous because I'm making a film on (hold the phone still, will ya?) high school life. All the secrets, fights, crazy exam pressure, brainiacs and show offs (not you, not you!). Only, everyone wants to be the star (hey you, get out off the frame!). It's got drama and hysterics, historics, sorry, histrionics. And my mom's got Mr Horns. And I still haven't got a boyfriend or a dog. And then, the lurker appears. And it all gets super scary. And he's coming closer - so I've gotta run. Fast. Bye! See ya inside! The first book of the bitingly funny UNCOOL series - a rib-tickling tackling of teen issues! Read more 


Awesome book, also highly recommended for children. In this book, the character DD, is going to be rich and famous because they are making a movie about high school life. All the rumours, quarrels, insane exam pressure, smarties, and braggarts. However, everyone aspires to be the star in this. Drama and historic all are in this. The lurker then emerges. And then everything turns terrifying. And now that he's getting closer, DD have to flee. It is The first book in the razor-sharply comic UNCOOL series takes on teen difficulties in a hilarious way.

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