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Turning Points : A Journey Through Challenges

Dr Apj Abdul Kalam

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It was like any other day on the Anna University campus in Chennai. As I was returning to my room in the evening, the vice-chancellor, Prof. A. Kalanidhi, fell in step with me.Someone had been frantically trying to get in touch with me through the day, he said. Indeed, the phone was ringing when I entered the room.When I answered, a voice at the other end said, 'The prime minister wants to talk with you.' Some months earlier, I had left my post as Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India to return to teaching. Now, as I spoke to the PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, my life was set for an unexpected change.Turning Points takes up the incredible Kalam story from where Wings of Fire left off. It brings together details from his career and presidency that are not generally known as he speaks out for the first time on certain points of controversy. It is a continuing saga, above all, of a journey - individual and collective - that will take India to 2020 and beyond as a developed nation. The inspiring sequel to Wings of Fire. Over 3 lakh copies sold. 


I like much and is appreciable and appealing for every person and it is written by a Dynamic personality who has always given lessons to improve the lifestyle and socioeconomic development of the society.

Turning Points is a book written by APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India. The book is a collection of his experiences and insights on various subjects such as education, leadership, spirituality, and science. The book is divided into several chapters, each one focusing on a particular aspect of Kalam's life. In each chapter, Kalam shares his personal experiences and the lessons he learned from them. He also provides his thoughts and opinions on various issues that he feels are important for the development of India and its people. One of the most striking things about this book is Kalam's humility and simplicity. He comes across as a man who is deeply committed to the welfare of his country and its people. His writing is clear and concise, making it easy for readers to understand his ideas and thoughts. Another noteworthy aspect of the book is the way Kalam blends science with spirituality. He believes that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive, and that they can be used together to create a better world. This is a refreshing perspective in a world where science and spirituality are often seen as opposing forces. Overall, Turning Points is an inspiring book that offers valuable insights into the mind of one of India's greatest leaders. It is a must-read for anyone who is interested in leadership, education, or spirituality. -yash

Turning PointsBook by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is known as people’s president and young India was much motivated by this president during his tenure as president. He is the person who taught Indian’s to dream for developed India. This book discuss his tenure as president and is sequel of his autobiography ‘Wings of Fire’ which discuss on his childhood and career time. Meanwhile turning point discuss regarding his life as president. As a president he use to travel lot and give lecture to the students and worked much for development of country. Book starts as his Anna university professor days PM Athal Bihari Vajpeey call him to become president of India. This started India’s glorious era of people’s president

"Turning Points" by APJ Abdul Kalam is a collection of insightful and inspiring anecdotes that shaped the life of one of India's most revered figures. The book showcases various turning points in Kalam's personal and professional journey, offering valuable lessons and profound reflections on life. The book opens with the story of a significant turning point in Kalam's life during his childhood. In "The Turning Point," Kalam recounts a pivotal moment when his teacher, Shri Siva Subramania Iyer, took him and his classmates to the seashore to teach them about a bird's flight practically. This experience sparked Kalam's curiosity and ignited his passion for understanding the concept of flight. It became a defining moment that set him on the path to becoming a renowned rocket engineer, aerospace engineer, and technologist. Throughout the book, Kalam shares numerous turning points that influenced his personal growth and professional achievements. He delves into his experiences as a scientist, educator, and statesman, providing valuable insights into his encounters with remarkable individuals and significant events that shaped his outlook on life. What sets "Turning Points" apart is Kalam's ability to weave personal narratives with broader philosophical reflections. He offers profound lessons on leadership, education, and the power of perseverance. The book is infused with Kalam's signature humility and wisdom, making it a compelling read for individuals from all walks of life. Kalam's storytelling style is engaging and accessible, allowing readers to connect with his experiences on an emotional level. His emphasis on the role of teachers and mentors in shaping one's life is particularly poignant. He highlights the impact that educators can have in guiding and inspiring young minds, just as his own teacher did during that transformative moment on the seashore of Rameswaram. "Turning Points" not only provides a glimpse into Kalam's personal journey but also offers valuable life lessons for readers. It encourages self-reflection, instills a sense of purpose, and motivates individuals to pursue their passions relentlessly. Kalam's words resonate with authenticity and sincerity, leaving a lasting impression on the readers' minds and hearts. In conclusion, "Turning Points" by APJ Abdul Kalam is a remarkable book that encapsulates the profound experiences and reflections of a visionary leader. It is a testament to Kalam's unwavering spirit, his commitment to education, and his belief in the transformative power of knowledge. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration, guidance, and a deeper understanding of life's turning points and their potential to shape one's destiny.

"Turning Points: A Journey Through Challenges" by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is a powerful memoir that chronicles the life of a visionary scientist and former President of India. In this inspiring book, Dr. Kalam shares his personal experiences and lessons learned from overcoming challenges. His story is a testament to determination and resilience, offering valuable insights for anyone seeking motivation and guidance on their own journey.

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