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Shabd offers its readers, the delight of all the travel literature that melds with the cognitive Journey of the writers. The books in this genre blend beguiling portrayals of places, and the populace. They encounter contemplations that meander from the history of herring fish to colonialism and books that highlight the lives of location–independent professionals. Yet the books of this genre are brutally honest and give a philosophical look at why we travel and bring light to the truth. Is that we don’t want to see or believe
Mambilla Plateau

This book is translate by Simona Casaccia Africa seen through the eyes and experience of a young novice, called to the challenge of an international assignment and job. The protagonist will be confronted with a totally unknown world, amidst all kind

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5 August 2023
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127 Express

"A collection of travel-themed stories with four really over the top protagonists: Spanky, Moobs, Fangio and Zanna. On board of a vintage blue FIAT 127, they will travel far and wide in adventures and undertakings bordering the ridiculous and grotesq

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7 August 2023
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