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Tipu Sultan The Tyrant of Mysore

Sandeep Balakrishna

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ISBN : 9788192788463

his book is part of series of books which will 'De-Falsify our existing History', We have seen, read, and heard about a lot of phony people claiming to be freedom fighters and receiving pensions from the Government. Several of these worthies would not have been born before Independence; yet they succeed in such blatant manipulations. There are instances of portraying certain ruler's & chieftains, as true heroes who fought against the British Empire. Post Freedom, India witnessed several catastrophic changes as a result of which many new icons and ideologies were propagated and their tentacles spread far and wide and even today, the people of India continue to suffer their ill-effects. Tipu is one such heavily-eulogised icon in both our textbooks and popular media. Sandeep in this book, which has been well researched, establishes the true facts on Tipu Sultan and proves his actual performance as a Chieftain. 


This book is a collection that will "De-Falsify our Existing History," Many fake individuals who claim to be freedom fighters and receive government pensions have been seen, read about, and talked about. Many of these honourable people were born after Independence, yet they are successful in such apparent manipulations. There are times where certain chiefs and rulers are portrayed as real heroes for their resistance to the British Empire. After gaining its independence, India had multiple disastrous transformations that led to the introduction of numerous new icons and ideas, whose negative impacts are still being felt by the country's citizens. One such overly glorified icon in both our textbooks and the media is Tipu.

The compilation in this book aims to "De-Falsify our Existing History," There are a lot of fictitious people who declare themselves to be freedom warriors and get government pensions that have been seen, read about, and discussed. Despite the fact that many of these noble people were born after Independence, they are effective in such obvious manipulations. For their opposition to the British Empire, some chiefs and kings have occasionally been hailed as true heroes. India had a number of terrible transitions after winning its independence that resulted in the introduction of several new icons and ideas, the harmful effects of which are still being felt by the people of the nation. Tipu is one such unduly revered icon that appears in both our textbooks and the media.

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