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The World’s Best Boyfriend

Durjoy Datta

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Completed on 29 July 2022
ISBN : 9780143424635

The book is a complete package defining love, friendship, betrayal and hatred that exists between the main characters of the story, Dhurv and Aranya. The story revolves around them. Both hate each other and could cross any limit to hurt each other, but still they cannot stay away from each other. The mad yet passionate attraction between the two describes modern day relationships that most people can relate to. This book teaches the readers that love can be found in mediocre things in life and it doesn’t need to be all flashy and showy all the time. In real life, love does exist but with some routine life drama and reality checks. No matter what, there are happy endings despite many disappointments in life. The story will rekindle love in the heart of every reader and make them believe that dreamy romance can occur in real life as well. The heart-touching story of Dhruv and Aranya is wonderfully portrayed, as if it is a part of every other individual’s life. While reading, one could actually feel connected with the story of these beautiful characters. The amazing content and the way story proceeds will keep the readers engaged till the end. However, to find out the reasons for their hatred for each other and the miserable liking, one must read the book. People who love to read fiction are going to like this book. Every twist in the story will leave readers scratching their head, thinking what would happen next. 


A really sweet and good book filled with love. The primary characters of the novel, Dhurv and Aranya, are a whole package that defines love, friendship, treachery, and hatred. They are the centre of the narrative. They both despise one another and would go to any length to harm the other, but they are unable to separate themselves from one another. The two are attracted to each other in a wild yet passionate way, which is a description of most people's relationships nowadays. This novel shows readers that love may be discovered in everyday mediocrity and doesn't always have to be glamorous and over the top. Love does exist in reality, but it comes with some minor daily drama and reality checks. Despite the many setbacks in life, there are always happy endings.

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