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The Perfect Us

Durjoy Datta

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Completed on 30 July 2022
ISBN : 9780143426592

Love is not having to hold back . . . but will she ever truly let him in? Avantika is an investment banker, an ambitious go-getter and the exact opposite of Deb-a corporate professional turned failed writer, turned scripter of saas-bahu serials. They’ve been together for ten years, surviving everything from college to rave parties to annoying best friends, including Shrey, who has no respect for personal boundaries, and Vernita and Tanmay-the annoying yet enviable ‘it’ couple who seem to have it all. Now Avantika wants to take the next step. But will Deb be able to catch up? Or will it rip them apart? No matter how hard he tries, Deb can’t convince Avantika that he’s the one for her. Not as long as she is broken and her past looms in the background-pushing her, troubling her, goading her to question if their love is enough. Will Deb be able to find their perfect place? The Perfect Us is love’s struggle to find a happily ever after. . . 


Such an incredible book. The definition of love is the absence of holding back, but can she ever completely let him in? Avantika is the complete opposite of Deb, a corporate professional who became unsuccessful writer and scripter of saas-bahu serials. She works as an investment banker and is an eager go-getter. They've been together for eleven years and have made it through everything—college, rave parties, Shrey, who doesn't respect personal space, and Vernita and Tanmay, the obnoxious but enviable "it" couple who seem to have it all, as well as insufferable best friends. Avantika now wants to go forward. Will Deb, however, be able to catch up? Will it tear them apart, or not? Deb does his best to persuade Avantika that he is the right person for her, but to no avail. No, not as long as she's damaged.

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