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The Man from the Egg - Unusual Tales about the Trinity

Sudha Murty

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ISBN : 9780143427865

Did you know that Brahma once had five faces? Why do snakes have a forked tongue? Do gods cheat? Why does Shiva sport a crescent moon on his head? The Trinity, consisting of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, is the omnipresent trio responsible for the survival of the human race and the world as we know it. They are popular deities of worship all over India, but what remain largely unknown are some of their extraordinary stories. Award-winning author Sudha Murty walks by your side, weaving enchanting tales of the three most powerful gods from the ancient world. Each story will take you back to a magical time when people could teleport, animals could fly and reincarnation was simply a fact of life. 


Great book and highly recommended. A five-faced Brahma once existed—did you know that? Why does a snake's tongue have a fork? Do deities lie? Shiva wears a crescent moon on his head for what reason? The ubiquitous trio of Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, known as the Trinity, is in charge of ensuring the continued existence of the human race and the world as we know it. They are widely worshipped deities in India, although little is known about some of their amazing tales. Award-winning novelist Sudha Murty weaves entrancing stories about the three most potent gods from antiquity as she travels by your side. Each tale will transport you to a mystical age where teleportation was commonplace, animals could fly, and reincarnation was a given.

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