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The India Way

S. Jaishankar

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ISBN : 9789394407213
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The global order is always evolving, and in that sense, change could well be seen as a constant factor. But that ongoing evolution has now been given a sharper edge by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, developments in Afghanistan, the Ukraine conflict and greater friction among key powers. ‘One Trend and Four Shocks’ are thus creating a new landscape. The ‘Four Shocks’ have, each in their own way, led to heightened global anxiety and insecurity. This era of upheaval entails greater expectations from India, putting it on the path to becoming a leading power. In The India Way, S. Jaishankar, India’s Minister of External Affairs, analyses these challenges and spells out possible policy responses. In doing so, he is very conscious of balancing India’s national interest with international responsibilities. He places this thinking in the context of history and tradition, appropriate for a civilizational power that seeks to reclaim its place on the world stage. 


This book is soo informative and along with India, it also educates about the world and the recent events of the world like covid19. Change could be viewed as a continual component because the world order is constantly changing. But the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, changes in Afghanistan, the Ukraine conflict, and increased tension among major powers have given that ongoing evolution a sharper edge today. As a result, "One Trend and Four Shocks" are reshaping the landscape. Each of the "Four Shocks" has contributed, in their own unique way, to increased worry and unease around the world. India has higher expectations in this turbulent time, setting it on the path to becoming a major power. Indian Minister of External Affairs S. Jaishankar examines these issues in his book The India Way and outlines potential policy solutions. This book is as amazing as S. Jaishankar sir.

The India Way is a book by S. Jaishankar, India's External Affairs Minister. In this book, Jaishankar explores India's foreign policy and its approach to international relations. The book covers a wide range of topics, including India's historical and cultural ties with other countries, its economic and strategic interests, and its role in global governance. Jaishankar draws on his extensive experience as a diplomat and policymaker to provide insights into India's foreign policy decision-making process. What sets The India Way apart from other books on Indian foreign policy is its focus on India's unique perspective and approach. Jaishankar argues that India's foreign policy is rooted in its civilizational ethos and values, which emphasize pluralism, diversity, and peaceful coexistence. Overall, The India Way is a thought-provoking and insightful book that offers a fresh perspective on India's foreign policy. It will be of interest to anyone interested in international relations, diplomacy, or Indian politics.