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The Incredible History of India's Geography

Sanjeev Sanyal

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ISBN : 9780143333661

Maps and mountains, lions and tigers, rivers and oceans-all sorts of things you didn’t know about India’s geography Could you be related to a blond Lithuanian? What if ostriches once roamed in India? Did you know that India is the only country that has both lions and tigers? Who found out how tall Mt Everest is? If you’ve ever wanted to know the answers to questions like these, this is the book for you. In here you will discover various things you never expected, such as the fact that we still greet each other like the Harappans did or that people used to think India was full of one-eyed giants. And sneakily you’ll also know more about India’s history and geography by the end of it. Full of quirky pictures and crazy trivia, this book takes you on a fantastic journey through the incredible history of India’s geography. 


A very fascinating book with amazing facts. The geography of India is covered in maps, mountains, lions and tigers, rivers, and oceans, among other things. Are you linked to a blonde Lithuanian, perhaps? What if ostriches used to wander throughout India? Are you aware that only India is home to both lions and tigers? Who established Mount Everest's height? This book is for you if you've ever wished to know the answers to queries like these. Here, you'll learn a variety of things you never anticipated, such the fact that we still greet one another in the manner of the Harappans or that people formerly believed India was home to a large population of one-eyed giants. By the end of the course, you'll also have learned more about the geography and history of India.

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