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The Blue Color In Us

Prasad Babu Hare Krishna

5 Chapters
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Completed on 13 August 2022
ISBN : 978-93-94647-34-3
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Collection Of Short Stories In Malayalam  


"The Blue Color In Us" by Prasad Babu Hare Krishna is a thought-provoking and introspective exploration of the human experience and our connection to the universe. Through a collection of poetic verses, Krishna takes readers on a soul-stirring journey, delving into the depths of emotions, spirituality, and the essence of life. The book's title, "The Blue Color In Us," is a reference to the divine and cosmic significance of the color blue, often associated with the Hindu deity Krishna. The blue color symbolizes the infinite and eternal nature of the universe, and Krishna masterfully weaves this symbolism into his verses, inviting readers to contemplate the vastness and interconnectedness of existence. The poetry in "The Blue Color In Us" is rich in imagery and evocative language, evoking a range of emotions and feelings. Krishna's words flow gracefully, carrying the reader along a poetic landscape that reflects the complexities of human emotions, the wonder of nature, and the yearning for spiritual enlightenment.

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