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Tears of Jhelum

Anita Krishan

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Completed on 28 July 2022
ISBN : 9788172344924

Kashmir has seen long years of strife and turmoil and Wali Mohammad Khan has been a silent witness to it all. The violence that terrorism unleashed in the Valley was every bit as senseless as the men who propagated it with manic intensity, but Wali managed to create a seemingly normal life for himself and his family within the protective walls of his home, naïvely believing that the madness beyond would never touch them. But Wali's illusions get shattered when a ghost from his past returns to bring the insanity of terrorism right into his home, threatening everything he holds dear. Tears of Jhelum lays bare before us, the story of one of those victims of terrorism, whose heartbreaking stories are otherwise lost forever behind the smokescreen of apathy and indifference. 


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