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Mermaids In The Moonlight

Sharanya Manivannan

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Completed on 2 August 2022
ISBN : 9789389152562

‘I wonder how many mermaids there must be to make all these different noises in the lagoon.' They say that, over a hundred years ago, the sounds used to be so loud that you needn’t even enter the lagoon … You could simply walk along the banks or on a bridge to hear them. ’Nilavoli and Amma voyage down a lagoon in Mattakalappu, listening to the mysterious sounds that rise from the deep. As little Nilavoli listens in wonder, Amma dives into folklore and fishes out spellbinding tales of mermaids from around the world. From the royal mermaid Melusine of Luxembourg to Julnar the sea-born from West Asia, from the shapeshifting Menana of the Ottawa Nation to the mermaid princess Suvarnamaccha, a daughter of Ravana who fell in love with Hanuman, the stories are all touched with magic. Like a mermaid’s song, this beautifully illustrated picture book by acclaimed author and poet Sharanya Manivannan will enchant every young reader. 


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