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Mass Rape Of Law?

Dr. V.K.Singh

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The book, "Mass Rape of Law?" is not just a book to be read and put aside. This book is based on today's legal, social and political decline. Along with reading this, there is a need to improve by realizing the current conditions and circumstances. You will read in this how the corruption-ridden on judicial system of the country has spoiled not only the judiciary but also the fabric of the social structure. I have absolutely no hesitation in saying or writing that, The judiciary of the country has been subjected to economic powers, even if he is a big criminal. To say that the country runs according to the Constitution, from the road to the parliament, everything is under the Constitution, and in this Constitution we have been taught that the law is equal for all, that is, equal, whereas, the truth is, There is no bigger lie in the Constitution than this. I do not mean at all that there was any ideological deficiency in the framers of the Constitution, rather, the present political situation has proved the constitution and law wrong due to self-economic gain and corruption. So I request my readers to read it, analyse it and then tell me to what extent what I have tried to write is true and to what extent it is wrong. I wish to put the nude truth before my readers of Indian judicial system how the law gets break by few criminals and politicians and, how they defend themselves by managing judicial system. also, keep giving me your suggestions from time to time, this will guide me and, in future, I will be able to serve you and my country well. Your affectionate Author Dr.VK.Singh