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Life Switch

Madhuri Banerjee

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Completed on 28 March 2023
ISBN : 9780143459194
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Just imagine. If you could switch your life with someone else . . . Would you? A staid housewife, Nandita, swaps her life with Annie, her doppelgänger. She switches her phone, her home, her husband and her boring family life for the glamorous corporate life that Annie leads in an advertising agency. Annie looks at this as a social experiment for a new ad campaign she is creating. She hopes that this will help her beat her rival and put her right at the top of the company. Nandita believes this will make her husband fall in love with her. Their lives begin to get horribly complicated when secrets are revealed. In their bid to have everything, they’ve set the ball rolling on something that has now pitched them against each other. The question is, who will win? For whom will all the pieces of the puzzle come together? Life Switch is a passionate, intense, sexy love story that thrills. 


Amazing book as it makes one wonder whether they would choose someone else to live their life? Nandita, a housewife, switches lives with Annie, her identical twin. She trades in her husband, her humdrum family life, her phone, and her house for Annie's dazzling business lifestyle at an advertising agency. This, in Annie's eyes, is a social experiment for a brand-new advertising campaign she is developing. With this, she aims to defeat her adversary and get to the position of leadership within the business. Nandita thinks that by doing this, her husband will develop feelings for her. When secrets are discovered, their lives start to become incredibly difficult.