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Indecisive Love

Dill Ferreira

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Completed on 10 May 2023
ISBN : 9788835451501
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WOULD LOVE BE ABLE TO SOLVE A MAN'S DOUBTS! When Victoria read the ad that said they needed an inexperienced model, she believed that this was her chance for a temporary job. What she couldn't have imagined was that she would fall in love with her contractor. Ricardo was a successful businessman, of remarkable presence, a great candidate for a husband, for any woman, but he didn't seem to be willing to get involved affectively. Lonely and often distant, he had the power to make her shiver when they were close. She could feel the fire coursing through his veins, although that beautiful man stubbornly hid and ignored what she felt. Victoria would be able to break through that wall of ice and indecision he had put between them!  


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