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Garbage Beat

Richa Lakhera

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Completed on 25 July 2022
ISBN : 9789350293973

Did Laila really say that? Not in her wildest dreams, not till sometime ago… Laila is on the entertainment beat-a world full of vain heroines, egoistic superstars, spirited item girls, prissy celebs… To top it all, life in the newsroom is a series of deadline-driven bloopers. Adding to the mayhem is sexy Bollywood journo-turned-item girl Latika, Chiki, the reporter who is obsessed with a superstar, award-winning super hack Indumati and their razor-sharp and hard-to-please editor Bunny. Caught between her ambition to excel, a live-in boyfriend who feels ignored, and a father who is ashamed of her career choice, Laila realizes that the life of an entertainment reporter is not the glamour ride she had expected… because, on the Garbage Beat, reporting is a harrowing, ball-crushing, back-breaking affair.  


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