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Sikkim is blessed with beautiful nature with good amount of flora and Fauna. More than 700 species of Birds and 600 species of Butterfly has been recorded here, and in this book you can enjoy the vivid picture with common name, scientific name, and Vernacular name along with the description of common Birds. I have tried my best to make this book more informative by referring the books Such as “Birds of Indian Sub- Continent” respectively. With more dedication and hard work I found a local name of various native languages of Sikkimese people which will be more resourceful for concern community, because we are daily forgetting our own languages due to modernization and due to more scope of English language. As we all know that according to scientific classification all the birds are comes under Phylum Chordate and class Aves so, in this book I have given the scientific classification from order up to species and some species are classified only up-to Genus and Species along with common name and local name. In this book you will enjoy the written description of birds such as what are the difference in the colour of male and female along with their behaviour, ecology and habitat. As you all observed that some of the birds visit the particular region timely which is termed as koo98 migratory or seasonal birds and some are residential which means it stays at the same place though out the year in the same place and I have mention all those thing very consciously by my own observation. Another most interesting thing you can enjoy in this book is the description and colourful picture of Common birds of Sikkim. with the help of experts, book reference and in my own observation I have classified under the scientific classification up-to order, genus and species. 


Such a beautiful book tell us soo much about not just birds but about sikkim too. It was a delight to read this book. Sikkim has abundant flora and fauna and a stunning natural setting. More than 700 different bird species and 600 different butterfly species have been identified here. In this book, you can enjoy a clear illustration of each species together with its common name, scientific name, and vernacular name. All of it was in this book.

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