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Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, is an embodiment of social justice and consciousness. A revolting flag on Oppression. He was symbolized as a walking University and a living library. His enduring history serves as an eternal source for ethical studies and research. Amidst numerous volumes exploring his life and ideology, I humbly seek to contribute my literary effort to honor his esteemed personality. Thus, I present this poetry, uniquely composed in the structured grammatical format "Ataveladi" in Telugu. Like an unstoppable volcano, he cannot be hidden away, casting a light far beyond that of a mere lamp. Shifting perceptions now reveal his role as a visionary driving the nation's prosperity and progress. Regrettably, the Hindu Code Bill and Dr. Ambedkar's fight for women's rights remain unfamiliar to many women in our nation. Despite reaping the benefits of caste reservations, the Backward Classes community has yet to embrace Ambedkar as a champion of fundamental rights capable of transforming Shudra's lives. With these considerations in mind, I aim to showcase the remarkable accomplishments of the humanitarian Dr. Ambedkar across diverse fields. I hope that my acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and future generations will gain a comprehensive understanding of this national legend through my poetry. 



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