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The Book of the  Poetry for the Modern World

It is the collection of marvellous poems and translations.Inspiration for the most modern families and societies.Energy for the weakest people.Way for change and progress.Light for ignorance

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18 Chapters
6 October 2023

"Physics Demystified''

Delve into the captivating world of physics with "Quantum Horizons: Exploring the Mysteries of Physics' Toughest Concepts." This thought-provoking book takes readers on a thrilling journey through 50 of the most challenging concepts in the realm of p

267 Readers
360 Chapters
4 June 2023


It is a captivating book that offers a collection of thought-provoking insights, carefully curated to enlighten and engage readers' curious minds. With a tagline of "Daily Insights for a Curious Mind," this book aims to provide a daily dose of knowle

129 Readers
23 Chapters
13 June 2023

Competitions Information

In this book you will get all the information of competition organizing by

1112 Readers
3 Chapters
2 May 2022

Practical Book Of Pharmaceutics

The book “Practical Pharmaceutics” is inimitable which tries to meet almost all the demands of the students required during practical courses. Practical Pharmaceutics has been assisted with the basics of Pharmaceutics which can be applied in Formulat

488 Readers
22 Chapters
24 September 2022

The Trendsetters's

A Look at the Trends of the Future This book takes a look at the latest trends in entertainment, politics, technology, and more. It explores the things that are changing our lives today, and will continue to change our lives in the years to come

7 Readers
9 Chapters
12 August 2023


आत्मा और हृदय से निकले भाव की शब्दो में अभिव्यक्ति मात्र है यह किताब, जिसमें मेरी भाव काव्य , कथा कहानी रूप में लिपिबद्ध है

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13 Chapters
6 June 2023

User Guide

These are some of the technical FAQ's that get asked most frequently on Shabd.

814 Readers
16 Chapters
4 May 2022

SEO : The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Know and understand the basics of search engine optimization, a topic of digital marketing.

3 Readers
41 Chapters
16 August 2023

How To Write A Bestseller

When a woman leaves a professional degree like CA in the final level and instead choose to take up her pen and begin a new journey in writing, what unfolds for her professional life? This is her story of dreams.

79 Readers
7 Chapters
12 August 2022


Priyanshu's Diary is an immersive travel companion that effortlessly captures the essence of wanderlust and adventure. With its captivating and easy language, this diary invites you to embark on a remarkable journey filled with awe-inspiring experien

5 Readers
11 Chapters
4 June 2023

Oliver Twist

The story follows the titular orphan, who, after being raised in a workhouse, escapes to London, where he meets a gang of juvenile pickpockets led by the elderly criminal Fagin, discovers the secrets of his parentage, and reconnects with his remainin

23 Readers
53 Chapters
22 May 2023

Result For Book Writing Competitions

Here you can find the results of every book writing competition that takes place in Shabd English.

54 Readers
6 Chapters
29 July 2022

The Poems of my little feelings

The description of life.

7 Readers
17 Chapters
27 April 2023

The Woodlanders

The Woodlanders, novel by Thomas Hardy, published serially in Macmillan's Magazine from 1886 to 1887 and in book form in 1887. The work is a pessimistic attack on a society that values high status and socially sanctioned behaviour over good character

7 Readers
48 Chapters
29 May 2023

Today's topic

Today's Topics is a daily ebook that provides readers with a curated selection of articles covering a wide range of topics. Each day, the ebook features a collection of articles from various reputable sources, including news outlets, magazines, and b

39 Readers
27 Chapters
18 February 2023