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After Midnight

Meghaa Gupta

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ISBN : 9780143458760

At the time of independence, few believed that a country made up of over 500 princely states and British provinces could survive as a nation, even for a few years. That a land stripped of its riches, wracked by disease and famine and divided along tense communal lines, could thrive in its ambition and aspirations. Yet, in 75 years since independence, India has grown beyond anyone’s expectation. Today it’s an Asian powerhouse, poised to become the third largest economy in the world. In many ways, this is one of the greatest underdog-beating-the-odds stories in world history. How did India get this far? What were the sweeping social, cultural, scientific, political, military, environmental and economic developments it witnessed along the way? Interspersed with personal anecdotes, illustrations, infographics, informative timelines and pull quotes, After Midnight gives a powerful context to the present and revels in the diverse and remarkable ideas that have come to shape this great nation. It attempts to provide young readers with perspective, meaning, and food for thought as they try to comprehend the many facets of this fascinating country. This well-researched, accessible and definitive handbook tells the story of India like never before. 


A great book which teaches so many things about historical facts. A book that makes you feel proud to be Indian. Highly recommended. Few people thought that a nation made up of more than 500 princely states and British provinces could last as a country, even for a few years, at the time of independence. That an area with its resources destroyed, plagued by famine and disease, and split along harsh communal lines, might flourish in its ambition and goals. But in the 75 years since India's independence, the country has developed beyond all expectations. Currently a major Asian economy, it is on track to overtake China as the third-largest economy in the world. This is arguably one of the finest tales of the underdog defying the odds in human history. How has India progressed so far?

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