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A Pandemonium in Pakshila

Kalpish Ratna

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Completed on 5 January 2023
ISBN : 9789354228407
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What if a whole lot of strangers, human and animal, waiting for rescue decided you were JustIt? And you hadn't a clue what the rescue was all about?It all began with a letter from an Uncommon Aunt.How exactly do you ask your Aunt if she's a frog or something slithery in the grass? You simply have to climb into a vegetable basket and float up Cloud Street ... and you will find yourself in the midst of a Pandemonium in Pakshila.Join JustIt and Anil the Excluded Squirrel in this exciting adventure, solve a mystery and trap the villain in a thrilling climax. Read more 


An amazing book to read and a wonderful ride filled with a thrilling story this provides. This story asks what if a large number of people and animals who were waiting for help thought you were JustIt? And you had no idea why the rescue was necessary? How can you exactly ask your aunt if she's a frog or some sort of slithery creature in the grass? This book unravels a mystery, capture a villain, and reach an explosive conclusion.

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