Shabd Book -

A Golden Age

Tahmima Anam

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ISBN : 9781847679765

One of Granta's Best of Young British Novelists. Spring, 1971, East Pakistan. Rehana Haque is throwing a party for her beloved children, Sohail and Maya. Her young family is growing up fast, and Rehana wants to remember this day forever. But out on the hot city streets, something violent is brewing. As the civil war develops, a war which will eventually see the birth of Bangladesh, Rehana struggles to keep her children safe and finds herself facing a heartbreaking dilemma. 


Amazing book and highly recommended. Among the top young British novelists, according to Granta. 1971 spring in East Pakistan. Sohail and Maya, Rehana Haque's cherished children, will attend a celebration. Rehana wishes to keep this day in her memory forever because her tiny family is developing quickly. However, something violent is developing on the sweltering city streets. Rehana fights to keep her children safe as the civil war progresses—a war that would ultimately result in the creation of Bangladesh—and finds herself in a sad predicament.

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