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8 To Great: How To Take Charge Of Your Life And Make Positive Changes

MK Mueller

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Completed on 11 January 2023
ISBN : 9788183285445
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This groundbreaking and powerfully practical text offers a simple 8-step process for taking charge of our lives and achieving our dreams. It revolves around award-winning author MK Mueller’s patented formula for positive living, positive relationships, and positive attitude. Written in Mueller’s trademarked warm and wise voice, 8 to Great takes the reader from wherever they are in life and springboards them into a new level of healthy choices, increased wellbeing and loving relationships. Whether for yourself or someone you love, it is an investment that is sure to energize, enlighten and empower. Find out why thousands each year give her 8 High-Ways credit for empowering them to manifest their dreams and maintain a positive mindset no matter what Between feeding infants, sending kids off to school, helping with homework, getting little ones ready for bed, and countless other activities, it may seem impossible to find a few moments to restore your ever-subsiding sanity. Read more 


A must read book for everyone as it teaches soo many good things and impactful things for life. This book helps a lot in understand several things and also gives us a perspective on how to live life. An easy 8-step procedure is provided in this ground-breaking and profoundly useful guide for taking control of our lives and realising our aspirations. It centres on the patented recipe for good life, great relationships, and positive attitude developed by award-winning author MK Mueller. 8 to Great picks up the reader wherever they are in life and launches them into a new level of healthy decisions, improved wellbeing, and loving relationships.

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