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We Indians

Khushwant Singh

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ISBN : 9788193284131

What makes you proud to be Indian and what makes you ashamed to be one? What makes a Hindu a Hindu? Why are Indians such champion sycophants and name-droppers? And does love really matter in an Indian marriage? In his sharp and funny dissection of different aspects of the Indian character, Khushwant Singh tackles these and other questions with his characteristic candour, humour and gift for telling a riveting tale. 


Great book and highly recommended. What aspects of your Indian heritage make you proud and what aspects make you ashamed? What characterises a Hindu? Why do Indians excel at flattery and name-dropping? Does love play a significant role in Indian marriages? Khushwant Singh addresses these and other issues in his incisive and humorous analysis of various facets of the Indian character with his trademark candour, wit, and talent for captivating storytelling.

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