Shabd Book -

The journey of Bun, Butter, & Jam

Novina M

2 Chapters
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Completed on 28 March 2023
ISBN : 9789393635761
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Bun, an introverted person with a lot of social dread and a rigid family, decides to attend her post-graduate course with her alumni college in July 2017 in an effort to become a well-socialized person. She lets her out as a fearless, self-reliant lady when she finally meets her soulmates — Butter and Jam. They've put together a dynamic trio that shares a zest for college life that's full of excitement, thrills, and new experiences. At last, Bun has an epiphany about who she is, which leaves her with unforgettable memories of her trio gang and boosts her self-assurance to the point that she can confidently take on society. 


A great book telling such a great story, where Bun, a reclusive individual with severe social anxiety and a strict family, makes the decision to enrol in her post-graduate course through her alumni college in an effort to improve her social skills. When she finally meets her soulmates, Butter and Jam, she emerges as a strong, independent woman. They have put together an exciting trio that enjoys the thrills, excitement, and new experiences that college life has to offer. After finally coming to terms with who she is, Bun is left with enduring memories of her three group and gains enough self-assurance to fearlessly face society.