Episode Two - The Lab

28 March 2023

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My memories of college were not very interesting, so I got in‐
volved in a lot of dierent things. I took advantage of the oppor‐
tunity to network with other seniors by becoming involved in
our campus association after I was accepted. We were all talking
and getting together for a big day, which helped us feel close to a
large group of friends from dierent parts of our lives. Everyone
in the group headed to the laboratory in the afternoon. They told
us to nd seats in accordance with the number on the roll. I was
in the middle of reading the laboratory manual when all of a
sudden, I heard someone say,
“Hey there!” It was Jam. I felt re‐
spect for her, so I mentioned her sister and inquired,
“How is
life?” with a strange expression. She said,
“don’t call that word
” she retorted back. Jam asked me to feel at ease with her,
but I wasn't sure how to do that (as she was older than me).
Senior students came to the lab session to make the ocial an‐
nouncement that it was freshmen orientation day. After hearing
about all of the activities and events that were going to take
place, I became so enthusiastic that I immediately signed up for
all of the clubs and activities. I also signed up with pride for a
dance club. When I went to the audition area, I saw a guy doing
something called a “somersault.
” “Do you want to know what I did? I RAN.
” Despite the fact that my journey is focused on bun
butter jam, we were blessed with a small group of loved ones (a
tight-knit group of friends) who added colours to our lives, and
through them, I met two individuals named Selvi and Prasanth.
Already, we were making our way through the pre-big-day
preparations. Oh yeah! Butter was something I really missed
back then. My duties as a decorator consisted of blowing up bal‐
loons and cutting coloured paper, but I had hoped for more re‐
sponsibility. Selvi and I worked on the decorations together the
whole day. She was an incredibly powerful woman who was full
of energy and engaged in conversation with everyone in the hall.
I had problems with social anxiety that I hated with all of my
heart. I had the long-term goal of progressively transforming my
personality into that of a nice and sociable person. So, guys,
there will be someone in your life who will truly assist you in a
circumstance when you are having diculty, and I might say
that person was Selvi. I recently came across the following
quote: “How can introverts gain friends?” They are adopted by
an extrovert, which is what happened to me, which was true for
me. Even though I wasn't an extreme introvert, I struggled
greatly with feelings of inferiority and social anxiety.

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