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The Eye of the God: 2012

Grazietta Salcedo D'Crescenzo

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Completed on 23 January 2023
ISBN : 9789380070582
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According to the Mayan calendar, 2012 is the year when humanity will witness great changes. These changes, it has been assumed, will be catastrophic but Mayan sources speak of a transition that will take place to a more spiritual way of being. The Eye of the Gods, 2012: An Awakening of the Conscience is a first- person account of Ah Ak'tun, born to Mayan parents in the Mayan region of tikal, Mexico in AD 673. After the death of his father he is adopted by a venerable high priest who nurtures him to be his successor and weans him in the ways of the ancient Mayas and their special relationship with nature. He teaches him the significance of belonging to a priestly class that is duty - bound to oversee the activities of governors, merchants and politicians during times of war and peace. Ah Ak'tun in turn recounts his tale to his successor, giving us special insights into the cosmology of an ancient people. Read more 


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