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The Dolphin and the Shark

Namita Thapar

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ISBN : 9780143458975

The Dolphin and the Shark is born out of Namita Thapar’s experiences of being a judge on Shark Tank India and running the India business of the pharma company Emcure as well as her own entrepreneurship academy. The book emphasizes how leaders of today need to strike a balance between being a shark (aggressive leader) and a dolphin (empathetic leader). It is divided into fifteen chapters which focus on various business mantras. The author shares personal stories, anecdotes about Emcure’s evolution over the years as well as learnings from entrepreneurs who have inspired her. The Dolphin and the Shark also includes references to pitches from Shark Tank India‘s Season 1. Straight from the heart, candid and authentic, this book will inspire and motivate every reader to push their limits. 


A great and very informative book and highly recommended. The Dolphin and the Shark is the result of Namita Thapar's experiences running her own entrepreneurship academy, serving as a judge on Shark Tank India, and managing the Emcure India business. The book focuses on how modern leaders must create a balance between being an aggressive shark and an empathic dolphin. It is broken up into fifteen chapters that each cover a different business maxim. The author includes personal experiences, tales about Emcure's development over time, and lessons she's learned from successful businesspeople. The Shark Tank India Season 1 pitches are also mentioned in The Dolphin and the Shark.

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