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The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant

Eric Jorgenson

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Completed on 1 April 2023
ISBN : 9789354893896
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These aspirations may seem out of reach, but building wealth and being happy are skills we can learn. So what are these skills, and how do we learn them? What are the principles that should guide our efforts? What does progress really look like? Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, philosopher, and investor who has captivated the world with his principles for building wealth and creating long-term happiness. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is a collection of Naval’s wisdom and experience from the last ten years, shared as a curation of his most insightful interviews and poignant reflections. This isn’t a how-to book, or a step-by-step gimmick. Instead, through Naval’s own words, you will learn how to walk your own unique path toward a happier, wealthier life. 


A book that teaches us about how to be happy as well as how to build your wealth, such a combination makes it a must read book for everyone. These goals might seem unattainable, yet we can gain the skills necessary to become wealthy and content. How do we gain these skills, and what are they exactly? What are the guiding concepts that ought to direct our work? What does real progress entail? Naval Ravikant is a businessman, philosopher, and investor whose ideas on accumulating riches and finding lasting happiness have enthralled people all around the world. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is a compilation of the last 10 years' worth of Naval's knowledge and experience, presented as a selection of his most perceptive interviews and moving thoughts.