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Kabira - Not Until I Die

Arvind Parashar

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ISBN : 9789383952724

Can he live up to the promise he made to his wife? The young Indian pursued his education in journalism from Moscow and went to Afghanistan for his Persian Love. He was offered to be engaged as an illegal spy, but for good reasons by his Russian Professor. It all seemed normal and well-intentioned, till he realized everything he did was part of a larger conspiracy. The covert operations by Soviet intelligentsia, uprising in Afghanistan and finally the war came crashing down upon him and his family. Suffering betrayals, he took upon himself to fight the war. What follows is the hunt for the perpetrators, survival in torrid conditions and unfolding of the events that took away everything from him. Will he succeed in getting it all back? It is a story of love, hope, romance and adventure... 


Such an emotional story. This book is great and pure, and characters are also highly likable. The main character has only one question. Can he fulfil the commitment he made to his wife? The young Indian travelled to Afghanistan for his Persian Love and continued his journalism studies in Moscow. His Russian professor made him an offer to work as an illegal spy, but for good cause. Before he realised everything he did was a part of a wider scheme, everything seemed normal and well-intentioned. His family was suddenly hit by the covert activities of the Soviet intelligentsia, the Afghan rebellion, and then the war. After experiencing betrayals, he decided to join the war. The search for the criminals, survival in harsh environments, and the development of the events that robbed him of everything come next.

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