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How Compatible are You?

Barbara Pease Allan

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Completed on 8 February 2023
ISBN : 9789387585089
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A fun quizbook with a series of entertaining questionnaires, exploring the key aspects of how couples generally interact with each other. Learn how to measure your compatibility with your partner, and ways to enhance it. Read more 


"How Compatible Are You?" by Barbara Pease and Allan Pease is a compelling and informative guide to understanding and enhancing relationship compatibility. The authors' expertise in communication and body language brings a unique perspective to the subject, providing readers with valuable insights into the intricacies of successful partnerships. For couples seeking to deepen their connection and navigate the challenges that arise in relationships, this book offers practical tools and engaging exercises to foster meaningful conversations and self-discovery. The Peases' warm and approachable writing style makes it an enjoyable read, offering both new and seasoned couples an opportunity to strengthen their bond and embark on a journey of continued growth and understanding together.

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