Hostelers Before Diwali

10 November 2023

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Hostelers miss their home and family members alot during this festive time of period . They booked tickets before the festival to go back home and celebrate with their family and beloved ones . They start packing their suitcases and being excited to move back to their respective Houses. They also tell their friends about their departure from college hostels . They plan in advance about the activities which they go ahead after reaching their suite , who they will meet and what they wear and eat .

Diwali is a festival of light , prosperity and happiness in our Indian Culture. It's a Joyous phase of the year . Most of all , Celebrate Diwali by buying crackers , clothes and household items . Diwali is all about spreading light and happiness. Families decorate their homes with oil lamps, candles, and colourful lights. It's like a giant, sparkly Christmas tree, but with a lot more colours , exchanging sweets and warm wishes with each other . Families gather to perform special prayers and ceremonies during Diwali. It's a time for reflection and gratitude.

Hostelers went out home due to the Diwali festival to perform the special prayers and rituals with their families . They miss their family for a whole year and seek out reasons to go home on festivals to celebrate it and capture those mesmerising moments with them throughout the  life in their heart .