Daily Writing Competition

31 July 2022

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Dear Writers, has brought "Daily Writing Competition" for all of you. You will be given a topic from our side and that topic will be available on the Home Page of

You all have to write an article on that particular topic provided by us.

To participate in the competition, register yourself for free on platform:

Shabd Registration

About the competition :-

You will be given a topic on the "Home Page" of

It is mandatory to write an article on the same topic and select tag of the given topic.

The topic may span more than a day also until the next topic is provided from our side.

If the article is written on any other topic or under any other tag, it will not considered in this competition.

How to select tags :

While writing an article, you can go to the "Setting" button (given on the top right side of  title line of the article),  select the tag from there and publish the article.

Now "Daily tag" are available not only in Hindi and English language but also in all other regional languages.

Also, you can write articles in any regional languages by selecting "Daily Tag" in that particular language.

Procedure and rules for participating in the competition:-

●You can write an article in any of your book, but you can not choose the topic and tag by your own.

●You can also submit more than one article on any given topic.

●If you are writing more than one article on any specific topic, you can change the "title of article" but the article content should be relevant to the given topic.

●There is no words limit for the articles.

●To participate in the Daily Writing Competition, you have to write an article by your own everyday. (Content of article should be originally yours /copied content from any other sources is not allowed.)

Winner's Selection :-

From all the articles written under Daily Writing Competition, the best article will be selected by our team.

From all the articles written in the given tag, the best article will get a certificate. (And, that certificate will be attached to the author's profile itself.)

To see result click here  

Inquiry :-

If you have any other problem related to the competition, then please join our WhatsApp group and ask here:

Sugata Dsouza

Sugata Dsouza

No problem. Where is the tag?

16 September 2022

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