2. Pursue this Self Motivation Book

9 December 2023

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Self motivation is now in your mind and heart. It is an unavoidable piece of your psych. Then why to pursue it. This book vitalizes and brings to life your self motivation qualities with more thoughts mixed with IDEAS, citations upheld by QUOTATIONS and RESOURCES to practice effectively. During the periods of storm and stress with other vagaries of mind, our internal resources stay twisted by sentiments of dissatisfaction. At that time we require a reviving issue to re-establish enthusiasm, something that inspires us to get on with our life and accomplish the best stature.

A good idea during such a time can be a self motivator, a light shining right behind us. This Book is all about supporting your mindset to enjoy your life fully. It is tied in with having a positive attitude in extreme circumstances. It has words of encouragement and solace to comfort you.

3. Inside this Book

An idea is an object of thinking. All ideas come from sensation or reflection. The ability to use our ideas to the best advantage is the greatest power a person can have. This book is a collection of my ideas on self motivation, goal achievement, happiness, and more.

These inspirational ideas help you empower yourself to reach your goals and achieve success. Quotations with creator name are the wise sayings my own coined phrases products forged from out of my life experiences as a student, employee, teacher, trainer and professional.

I encourage you to scan and print out on A4 size paper, your favourite quotes to put up on your wall or desk or save them as a wall paper to your mobile gadgets Phone or Tablet].

4. Look for enriching ideas

This Book is designed to share with you enriching ideas that appeared appealing to my mind. Follow these thoughts to see an impressive improvement in your motivational faculties especially at times when they are needed the most. All quotations are bundled with words which have potential to inspire and capable of instilling in you the hope and enabling you to maintain a positive disposition at all times.

I am confident it would inculcate in the minds of readers an indomitable spirit of not giving up their mission at any stage and for any reason even in the face of utter disappointments and failures.

5. Manage Self Motivation

This Book motivates you to overcome your fears and get on with life seeking satisfaction and success in everything that you do. It guides you when you are in need of guidance. The idea of compiling the Book on this topic Self motivation came closer to me while I was asked by many attendees of my sessions be it a presentation or seminar or workshop or training on wide-ranging topics, with reference to how to oversee and manage self motivation. There has been a kind of interest in them, I said to myself, I think it's time to turn my thoughts and ideas into a full fledged content product and present it to use as a Book.

On a subject such as this, no linguistic structure can be solidly laid before the readers. To get up and go by your creative ability, and not to deny you of the delight of reading quotations with citations of renowned creators/students of history/statesmen and their perceptions.

6. Passion ignites

The other resources are results of my own appearance, feelings, reflections and convictions.

Always remember "Passion ignites self motivation". My sincere hope is that, with this Book you get inspired to take action, create success, and enjoy life.

Self Motivation 111
Never be at a loss for Self Motivation! Let your Self Motivation work for you. Self MOTIVATION is a key fundamental ability cum life skill and whoever is keen on self-improvement should ponder it. It is a natural workforce and power that drives an individual to complete things and prevail without impact from other individuals or circumstances. Self MOTIVATION should genuinely be sought after by everyone for personal as well as professional growth aimed at expert development. When anyone first sets out for a task or sets out on accomplishing a goal, motivation comes to the mind naturally and inspiration rings a bell normally. Individuals with self motivation can discover a reason, quality and strength to finish an undertaking or accomplish a goal, however challenging, without giving up along the way. Such individuals tend to be more organized, manage their time meticulously and are extremely confident in their approach. They do not let their motivation deplete until the destination is reached. In this Book Self MOTIVATION 111, the Author helps you learn to set short and long-term goals, to deal with them effectively and find the right motivation you need to achieve them. This is the essence of personal development. That is why, the Author, based on his life experiences, has put together a set of ideas, quotations and resources to help build self motivation and achieve your full potential to succeed in your study, work and personal life. Self MOTIVATION 111 Book motivates you to overcome your fears and get on with life seeking satisfaction with success in everything that you do. It guides you when you are in need of guidance. It has words of encouragement and solace to comfort you.