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Vedic Wedding Book, The

A.V. Srinivasan

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ISBN : 9780143445913
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'An excellent account of the Vedic wedding [...] Amrutur Srinivasan has written a fine book.' - Prof. Subhash Kak, Louisiana State University An immensely accessible guide, The Vedic Wedding will take you to the roots of the Hindu wedding ceremony, on a journey of its evolution from the Rig Vedic times to the present day. A.V. Srinivasan brings the best of his experiential wisdom as a Hindu priest and scholar in the US in uniquely accessible explanations of each ritual of the traditional ceremony, along with a wealth of knowledge about their origin, variations and significance. One of its kind, this book will help you understand and appreciate, as well as execute, the traditional Vedic wedding ceremony and get a flavour of India's wedding culture, its true meaning and significance. Read more 


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