They Saved My Life : My Adoption Story

9 February 2024

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article-imageThis story could have ended the day I was born, but God has seen me from the first day all the way to being here today.

My biological parents have two daughters first is 7 years old and second is 5 years old before my birth. I born as 3rd daughter. My birth seem something to be sorry about because they always wanted a boy child. In most traditional indian families, girls are considered a liability and a burden.

Some people think as it is a responsibility and again expenses in taking care of them and getting them settled in life. They wanted to leave me or throw me. But then God did a miracle for me , my maternal uncle and aunt reached and came forward to adopt me.

They were like guardian angels for me. I feel fortunate that two wonderful people were willing to welcome me into their family and home.They took me with them in their home. They were childless couple. They had lost their two kids,son and daughter due to some medical illness before my adoption. So they were happy to adopt me and growing up I was happy that I was surrounded by their unconditional love and care.

Some people don’t consider adoptive parents to be the “real” parents. While it is undeniable that biological parents give their children their genetic composition, the parents who raise them leave an enormous mark on children’s character and spiritual makeup. My dad who adopted me was the real brother of my biological mother. I was single child of my adoptive parents. I can’t explain in words how miraculously my life changed with their unconditional love. After two years of my birth, my biological mother gave a birth to a boy child. Their dream of having a boy child came true.

This is my adoption story, one of many. And there are so many deserving children out there who are waiting for their adoptive parents. I hope they can get the same chance I did to have a life filled with unconditional love. Overall, I hope my story can empower others to embrace the uniqueness of every adoption story and maybe even inspire a few more.

Pooja's Diary
This book tells the life memories of a girl whose life challenges try to haunt her but she has too much belief on God that God will help her in every hardship, take responsibility of her and support her at every stage of life.